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Help us bring climate action to more households and communities like yours!

When people realize that they can create immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emission by taking action in the areas that matter the most, they become an inspiration for others to do the same. When you share Project Neutral with your followers and supporters while encouraging them to measure their impact, you help build a constituency for public policy that supports climate action and a healthy planet for generations to come.

Begin with our Social Media toolkit

Inside this toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to share Project Neutral’s award-winning carbon calculator on social media, including:

  • our mission and history;
  • our social media handle and channel URLs;
  • links to creating an account and logging in to the dashboard;
  • specific calls to action;
  • hashtags to incorporate in your messaging; and
  • facts about climate change, GHGs, why we measure, what actions will help the most and how anyone can make a difference.

Download the Social Media Toolkit (PDF)

Add a Campaign Kit

Project Neutral's Campaign Kits provide ready-to-use assets and messaging so you can share Project Neutral on your social media channels. Use them with our Social Media Toolkit

We currently have two campaign kits, each with the goal of encouraging people to create an account and discover their impact. Both kits include:

  • fully produced images with Project Neutral's logo and a call to action
  • sample social media posts that incorporate the campaigns' hashtags
  • ideas to help you craft your own messages that support the campaigns' goals

Download the #MeasureYourImpact Campaign Kit (PDF) and these campaign images designed for Facebook and/or Twitter

Download the #TakingClimateAction Campaign Kit (PDF) and these campaign images designed for Facebook and/or Twitter

Need help?

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