Take Action

You can make a difference!

There are many ways you can decrease your GHG emissions. And the good news is that some of the most effective climate solutions are also good for our health, our economy, and our well-being. Actions like:

  • Making your home more energy efficient makes it more comfortable, more resilient and increases its value.
  • Making small changes to your diet, like including more plant-based meals, can improve your health while reducing powerful climate pollutants like methane.
  • Driving less adds up to more savings and gives you more time for exercise or reading on your commute.
  • Choosing a staycation instead of a flight destination saves your time, your money and supports your local economy.

Here's even better news: you can double your impact by sharing your low-carbon lifestyle choices with others. Just talking about climate change — and solutions like Project Neutral — is one of the most impactful things you can do. Why? Because it helps to show others that climate solutions are easy and positive. In doing so, you make make low-carbon living the new normal.

Ready to take action? Check out these easy ideas and incentives!