About Project Neutral

Calling all climate heroes!

Together, we can create a beautiful future powered by clean energy and a new generation of climate optimists. Climate change is real, it's a big deal and it's happening right now. It's causing bigger storms, it's affecting our economy and it's impacting our health. Together, we can take action on our climate impact and "be the change" that supports a pollution solution.

Project Neutral's award-winning carbon calculator gives you the tools to understand your climate impact and what you can do about it.

When you take action in your home and community towards a clean energy future, you make a positive difference in your household and for our planet.

You can make a difference by:

  1. Directly reducing your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through energy saving home improvements and active, healthy habits.
  2. Sharing your low-carbon lifestyle with friends and neighbours. Believe it or not, telling others what you've done helps make low-carbon living the new normal.
  3. Getting together with your community to support meaningful climate action from political and corporate leaders.

Small changes you make at home have ripple effects that add up to big impacts for the planet. Learn more about greenhouse gasses and what causes climate change.

Project Neutral is a project on MakeWay's shared platform, which provides operational supports, governance, and charitable expertise for changemakers. The shared platform enables more time and money to go towards achieving greater impact. MakeWay is a national charity that builds partnerships and solutions to help nature and communities thrive together.

Project Neutral is committed to principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity. For more information please see MakeWay’s Accessibility Policy and Plan.

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