Talk Climate to Me

Talk Climate to Me is a fun, free, unscary, online, team-based climate education experience for women in Canada.


Talk Climate to Me was born out of a desire to share information in a manner that is community-based and collaborative. Women are more worried yet less certain about the facts of climate change. This program is about giving women the tools to understand the crisis, share useful information, and unleash their power.

Through training sessions, outreach materials, and digital tools, we will educate a strong and diverse force of climate leaders who will be armed with the climate awareness and behaviour change tools necessary to speak confidently and inspire change in their homes and communities!

The course itself is not your typical lecture. The program will include: four highly participatory webinars; ongoing live chats; a website with shareable resources; toolkits; video explainers; and much more! We take participants on a journey where they confront the climate crisis; understand how climate solutions can improve equity, justice, and health; and realize their individual and collective power.

Talk Climate to Me speech bubble
Talk Climate to Me speech bubble

We're an award winning Clean50 Top Project for 2023

Talk Climate to Me was recognized as one of Canada's Clean50 Top Projects for 2023! The award is for the best sustainability oriented projects completed in Canada.

Here's an overview

1. Welcome

We set the terms of the course. And explain the very basics of the climate crisis: the planet is warming, it’s caused by humans, and it’s bad...but we can take action! And you are more powerful than you think.

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2. Empathy

We’re already seeing climate impacts, and they’re only going to get worse. We go deeper into the science to explain what we need to do, and how vulnerable communities are being the hardest hit. The climate crisis is deeply unfair. What does it mean to fairly make the world ‘climate safe’? We unpack how we, on an individual/household/personal level, can measure our carbon footprints and take climate action!

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3. Change

What needs to change here in Canada? We look at where Canada’s emissions come from and how our country is doing to the rest of the world. We explore examples of what needs to transform and get excited about the possibilities of a good life. We look at the barriers that are preventing us from changing as quickly as we need to. We then take a look at what we as individuals can do to push for systems level change by creating ripples through talking and taking action.

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4. Flourish

We’re creating a better world. Change means opportunities for growth as a world, as a country, as a community, and as individuals. What have you learned? What will you do with this knowledge? How can you talk about the climate crisis in ways that will resonate with your friends and family? This module is all about exploring your evolution, and your power, to talk about climate...and change the world. We send you off with a graduation ceremony.

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Here's what people are saying about Talk Climate to Me

“What a great experience! I am so impressed by the program you all have created. You have taken a difficult, heavy topic, perhaps the most critical of our time, and made it accessible to folks. By being creative, funny and optimistic, you hooked all of us to prioritize climate and get vocal in creating change. Keeping it interactive with writing in our own values, calculating our carbon footprint and practicing in small group sessions makes this program unique.” - Danica L, TCTM Team Lead

“I enjoyed this course so much! I had just begun trying to learn more about climate change and what I can do and this course was the perfect jumping off point. So much of what we hear about climate change in the media is very depressing and hopeless but this course was able to convey the hope that we can make a difference. It also made me feel that I'm not alone in trying to raise awareness about these issues and that we can normalize talking climate instead of ignoring it or waiting for governments to solve these problems.” - Sarah C, TCTM Participant

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