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We know it's confusing trying to envision what climate impact means to each of us. When you estimate your climate impact (or carbon "footprint") with Project Neutral, you'll learn how many tonnes of climate pollution come from your household activity. But what does that really mean in terms of your impact on climate change?

The big (and by that we mean global!) picture

We know that our daily choices are having a greater impact on the planet. Individuals and households contribute to approximately 45% of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions through the energy we use in our homes, the fuel we use to move around, and the food, goods and services we buy.

Organizations like the Global Footprint Network have calculated the date by which our demand (or ecological "footprint") on the earth's resources exceeds what the earth can deliver each year. Known as Earth Overshoot Day, that date arrives sooner every year than it did the year before. And according to their research, our collective climate impact from carbon emissions makes up more than half (60%) of our total ecological "footprint". Wow, that's big! So how does using our carbon calculator make a positive impact on climate change?

Project Neutral helps people take action on their climate impact. Our platform uses social benchmarking and personalized insights to motivate you to act on your climate impact. We're here to help people (particularly high-impact households) adopt new low-carbon actions and make low-carbon living the new normal. We'll offer suggestions, but you'll decide what action(s) you'll take. Sharing your new low-carbon lifestyle with friends and neighbours supports community-level transformation. When whole communities get involved and take take action, that helps prompt political and corporate leaders to support meaningful climate action, too.

How it works

Our Getting Started survey asks questions you can easily answer (in just five minutes!) about your lifestyle. You'll tell us about the age of your home and how it's heated or cooled, how you commute and the type of vehicle you drive, what foods you enjoy, what flights you've taken recently, and whether you recycle or compost. Our carbon calculator uses your answers to estimate of your household's current climate impact.

Your results dashboard shows your estimated climate impact compared to the average household, and how your results compare to the top 30% of households where people make daily choices that support a healthy climate.

Want to increase the accuracy of your results? Our deep dive modules let you enter real data to refine your results and get a clearer picture of your household's impact.

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