Supporter Recognition

Thank you!

We're grateful to have the support of our funders:

CIRA Community Investment Program

The CIRA Community Investment Program has generously provided a grant for our expansion into the classroom. Updating our platform for use by students and teachers requires plenty of development work that CIRA is helping us deliver. We are so proud they selected Project Neutral as one of the innovative internet-related projects they support to build a better online Canada.

Dragonfly Strategic Grantmaking Fund

The Tides Canada Foundation - Dragonfly Fund has provided essential organizational funding to deliver our program. They give us the resources to hire excellent staff and support their mental health and well-being. The Dragonfly Fund aims to help people move beyond unsustainable systems and practices and we are delighted that Project Neutral can join them in this work.

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation has graciously supported a student leadership program. Students have emerged as climate leaders and giving them an opportunity to engage with their communities and promote low-carbon choices is a winning strategy. We are so happy that TD Friends of the Environment Foundation identified this project as a worthy environmental initiative and that we can partner with them on it.

Project Neutral is a project on Tides Canada's shared platform, which supports on-the-ground efforts to create uncommon solutions for the common good. Tides Canada is a national Canadian charity dedicated to a healthy environment, social equity and economic prosperity.

We're strengthened by relationships with our municipal partners:

City of London
Green 13
REEP Green Solutions

They've inspired us with the progress they've made in London, Toronto and Waterloo Region and we're happy to be part of their climate action initiatives.

In past years we've gratefully received support from:

  • The Atmospheric Fund
  • Metcalf Foundation
  • TD Bank
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence
  • Bullfrog Power
  • and others

They've provided funding and in-kind support including incubation, mentorship, and pro bono services that helped us grow from a primarily volunteer-run project into a tight-knit organization with two full-time staff who have the vision and talent to bring Canada's simplest carbon calculator to the next level.