Why Measure?

You can't manage what you don't measure

Most of our daily choices come from behaviours we're hardly aware of: they're habits we developed gradually over time and don't think much about. Consider a time when you wanted to change something important. Maybe your doctor wanted you to improve your health by managing your blood pressure, or your financial advisor suggested reducing your debt load for greater security in leaner times. Having a clear measurement of your current blood pressure or debt load is the first step.

Measuring your climate impact is your first step towards taking climate action. We help you understand where your carbon "footprint" comes from. Does a long-distance flight have a bigger impact than heating your home? You'll find out after trying our carbon calculator. You'll also discover how you can make a positive difference.

Have you ever noticed that people who wear step trackers tend to walk more? Studies show that when people receive feedback on their home energy use and how it compares to their neighbours, they are more likely to save energy. That's why Project Neutral gives you a detailed breakdown of your household climate impact, along with how it compares to other households in Ontario. Learn more about what we measure.