Introducing the Project Neutral Green from Home Challenge

Looking for ways to help your employees engage with your organization’s greening efforts? Give them the tools to understand their own climate impacts - and what they can do about them!

Who we are

Project Neutral is an environmental charity with an interactive online tool to help employees discover their household carbon footprint. We help people identify their biggest areas of impact, see how they compare to similar households, and find out how to make a positive difference.

Project Neutral dashboard on a smartphone

Who you are

You’re a green leader and you realize environmental action doesn’t stop at the office walls. Deepen your climate leadership by giving your employees tools to take climate action at home.

What your employees get

With Project Neutral’s workshops and team challenges, your employees will:

Illustration of Project Neutral on a laptop
Measure their carbon footprint
Illustration of the Earth
Track their actions & learn new ways to make a difference
Illustration of a happy team
Earn points for prizes or bragging rights
Illustration of people planning
Create a personal action plan to maintain momentum
Delivered 100% virtually, Project Neutral’s offerings are COVID-proof and can reach employees working from home, in the office, or front-line facilities.

We offer a range of options configured for different workplace needs:

Green From Home Lunch & Learn Green From Home Team Challenge Green From Home Team Challenge Plus
Virtual workshop: Measure your climate impact Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Virtual workshop: Creating a personal action plan Checkmark Checkmark
Workshop recordings Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Team leader training and support for campaign success Checkmark
Training webinar
Bespoke training & campaign design session
Team leader campaign toolkits Checkmark Checkmark
Group dashboard for aggregated results Checkmark
workplace-wide + team dashboards
workplace-wide + team dashboards
Built-in engagement tracker to enable individual, team or workplace-wide competitions Checkmark
up to 5 teams
up to 25 teams
Impact report Checkmark
One page highlight report
Deluxe workplace report including insights from participant survey

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